Convenience vs. Conviction

Convenience vs. Conviction

Sep 06, 2023

In the realm of lifestyle choices, convenience, and conviction often find themselves at odds. The more conviction you hold, the less convenient things may become. Let's dive into this clash and its repercussions.

For over a decade, I've abstained from using microwaves due to safety concerns. It's a trend echoed by over 39 countries since the 70s. However, in America, the need for quick-fix unhealthy foods keeps the microwave alive.

While popcorn is a relatively healthy snack without butter, I choose the old-fashioned stovetop method with grape seed or olive oil, never vegetable oil. Microwave popcorn, upon closer inspection, reveals hidden dangers.

The preparation of raw foods for my meals demands time and effort, but the dividends are boundless—energy, vitality, and longevity. Fast foods laden with nitrates, nitrites, and unhealthy additives are off the menu for those aiming to remain cancer-free.

Whether discussing financial decisions or health choices, convenience often comes at a hidden cost. This exploration sheds light on the value of prioritizing conviction over convenience.

In the face of the convenience vs. conviction dilemma, a life enriched by conviction can offer long-lasting benefits for health and well-being.