Mar 28, 2023

A mild heart attack at age 40, followed by a diagnosis of sarcoidosis, a serious chronic autoimmune disease, halted Terri’s 19 years in Corporate America, where she worked in the mutual fund and airline industries. This led her to turn her writing hobby into a viable ghostwriting business. Over the next two decades, she would build an impressive portfolio of publications consisting of books, blogs, articles, and other written works for clients and herself. Her clientele included World-Renown Motivational Speaker, Les Brown, retired US Senator Roland Burris (who replaced Barack Obama’s Illinois seat), two of Cleveland Clinic's top surgeons, and other individuals with extraordinary stories to share.

In 2012, after 12 1/2 years of relentlessly searching for solutions to her illness, coupled with countless hospital ER visits and even the ICU, Terri was introduced to eating 100% raw, plant-based, high-protein, superfoods, which relieved her body of ALL symptoms of sarcoidosis in just seven days! Over the next several months, she also rid her body of 30 pounds of fat and other health nuances (and acquired the nickname "T-raw"). Since then, Terri has maintained an 80/20 raw-vegan lifestyle and remains disease-free. As an Amazon Best Seller, she writes health-related books and those in the journaling genre. These can be obtained through www.TerriLiggins.com.

In 2022, to fulfill her passion for assisting Baby Boomers, caregivers, and the elderly, to navigate through the challenges this 4th quarter of life can bring, Terri has created a Mobile App called 4TH Quarter Living (4QL). 4QL allows individuals in need of end-of-life products and services (i.e., living wills, living trusts, caregiving services, final wishes, asset protection, estate planning, and downsizing & decluttering, etc.) to connect with professionals offering those products and services.

Terri has a thirst for learning and for constantly growing in her business acumen, as evidenced by her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, her MBA, and an MJ (Master of Jurisprudence) degree, graduating magna cum laude in Health Law. She is currently studying toward a doctorate degree.

In her spare time, Terri keeps her love for writing alive by blogging, creating online book-writing courses, and hosting journaling retreats in tropical places. Information on these can also be accessed through www.TerriLiggins.com.  


This Ohio native has enjoyed living in San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and its surrounding areas. Her favorite spot, however, has been Las Vegas since 2011. When not at home tied to her pc, she's traveling to visit her two adult children living at opposite ends of the United States.