Finding Purpose in Imperfections

Finding Purpose in Imperfections

Sep 07, 2023

In a world obsessed with perfection, we often overlook the beauty and potential that lies within imperfections. Allow me to share a profound lesson I learned from a simple bowl of rescued peaches.

Before me sat a bowl of three peaches, saved from their seemingly inevitable fate in the trashcan. These peaches had shown signs of bruising and softness, characteristics that often lead to their premature disposal.

Much like these peaches, our journey through life can leave us with our fair share of bruises—some visible on the surface, while others remain hidden within. These internal scars might stay concealed until someone takes the time to look beyond the exterior, to see what lies beneath, and to nurture and encourage us toward greatness.

Regrettably, society can be quick to cast aside individuals it deems as "damaged goods." Those of us who show vulnerability or softness are sometimes dismissed as unfit for life's grand challenges. We are told we cannot compete, and that we lack the resilience required for the big wins.

Let this serve as a reminder that, in the eyes of the divine, we are all equipped with the potential to fulfill the purpose set aside for us. What are these plans and purposes, you might ask? It is our responsibility to seek them out, to align with them, and to pursue them with unwavering focus.

Today, I am grateful—not just for these rescued peaches but for the profound lesson they've imparted. As I delicately cut around their bruised parts, I realized that even in their imperfection, they had an abundance to offer. They fulfilled their purpose—to nourish and energize.