Healthy Chocolate Bars

Healthy Chocolate Bars

Jan 25, 2023

Chocolates can surprisingly be healthy, too!

When I went raw nine years ago, I quickly learned I didn't have to give up great-tasting food and guilty-pleasure desserts. On the contrary, there are alternatives so delish you forget they're healthy.

Here are chocolate bars I made with a little cacao powder, a dark chocolate bar (70% or 90% cacao generally works for me. Bitter but full of antioxidants), organic cashew butter, and organic dried fruit to take away the bitterness.

Melt the chocolate and cashew butter slightly over very low heat, using a little walnut oil (you can substitute with olive oil if that's what you have, but NEVER vegetable oil) to help blend it. Remove from heat and fold in the dried fruit. Lastly, pour the mixture onto parchment paper in a glass dish and put it in the freezer to set. I usually take it out shortly to cut it into small squares before it's super hard then place it back in the freezer until time to eat.

Mmm, mmm, fantastic!

That's all I can tell you about the recipe. Don't ask me about measurements because I don't measure. I just make it up as I go along. Try it. If you mess up (which you probably won't ) just re-melt the stuff and start over. You can also make up lots of variations using coconut flakes, almonds, macadamias, raisins, etc.May be an image of food