Illness to Wellness

Illness to Wellness

Sep 06, 2023

I'm frequently approached for guidance on healthy foods and disease-fighting regimens, even though I'm not a certified health practitioner. Why? It's because my passion lies in helping others learn how to achieve and maintain robust health. My approach is rooted in methods proven to work without harming the body, free from the influence of fad diets and passing crazes.

In 2012, after enduring a 12-year battle with a debilitating autoimmune disorder that led to frequent hospitalizations, I unearthed a remarkable truth: God's most perfect medicine resides in whole, plant-based, protein-rich, nutritionally-dense, raw, uncooked foods—the very foods intended from the garden to nourish our bodies.

Initially, I embraced a 100% raw food diet, and within a mere 7 days, I witnessed the complete eradication of sickness and disease from my body. Today, I maintain an 80% raw regimen, incorporating homemade veggie stews and stir-fries. However, I remain resolute in my refusal to include meat, dairy, or processed sugar-laden foods in my daily intake.

While I effortlessly shed 30 pounds during my initial transition to a raw diet, life's demands led to a gradual regain of 20 pounds over the past decade. This weight, I've realized, is holding me back from achieving my best self. Moreover, I've been grappling with a painful rotator cuff issue for over 8 months, undoubtedly linked to inflammation—a pervasive enemy within the body.

I'm not beyond seeking accountability to regain my health and vitality. For anyone who has sought my guidance or feels they could benefit from shared accountability, I invite you to embark on a 6-week program aimed at getting in shape. I won't be leading this program, but I'll be right alongside you as your accountability partner. Because even I recognize the value of support in staying on track.

Listen to my dear friend, Forbes Riley, a dedicated health advocate, and her insightful daughter, Makenna, who, at just 19 years old, possesses profound wisdom in prioritizing health.