Wisdom on Healthy Aging

Wisdom on Healthy Aging

Nov 23, 2022

In a revealing CBS special, "Forever Young: Searching for that Fountain of Youth," it was disclosed that a striking 85% of centenarians are women. This intriguing statistic has prompted many to delve deeper into the reasons behind this remarkable longevity trend.

One key explanation lies in the genetic makeup of women. Women possess that extra X chromosome, providing our bodies with an additional opportunity to focus on the good genes that keep us looking and feeling younger for longer. While genetics certainly play a role, there are other factors at play as well, and one significant contributor is men's lifestyle choices.

Studies consistently highlight that men are three times more likely than women to engage in riskier behaviors. From driving faster to smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, and neglecting preventative medical care, men tend to take more chances with their health. It's time for a reality check, gentlemen—women need you around later in life too, you know?

When it comes to our bodies and longevity, experts emphasize the importance of what we put in and leave out. While women tend to outlive men, this might be partly attributed to their healthier dietary choices. It's not about gender but rather the lifestyle choices we make, including what we eat.

Now, let's switch gears and explore the mental side of aging. The San Diego Wisdom Scale, as noted by a geriatric psychiatrist, provides evidence that older indeed means wiser. However, here's the catch—wisdom doesn't magically appear just because you've reached a certain age. Wisdom is cultivated through experience, introspection, and learning. It's about becoming the person you've always had the potential to be, as David Bowie aptly put it, "Aging is when you become the person you always should've been."

I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of helping aging individuals, like my own 87-year-young mother (pictured here with me), thrive in their 4th quarter of life. It's not about losing vitality but gaining wisdom, purpose, and a legacy worth leaving.

Stay tuned for the upcoming 4TH QUARTER LIVING (4QL) Mobile APP, as we embark on a journey to leverage longevity, embrace wisdom, and live life with purpose.